The Swiss Dragonfly Network

cardano pool maintained by enthusiasts

The Cardano Pool

- Cardano Producer Node connected to two Relays!

- Reliable Power Source and Internet Connectivity!

- Physical Server Hardware is privately owned!

- Second Dedicated Backup Server at another Location!

- Located in Switzerland!

- 24/7 Monitoring and Security!

- Security Hardened Linux Servers!

- Encrypted off-site backups of Keys!

Your SDNET Pool Operator

Welcome to the SWISS Dragonfly Network Cardano Pool! My Name is Dani and I am your Pool Operator. I work in the healthcare industry - crypotcurrencies, linux and homeservers are my hobbies. As an early adopter of Bitcoin I followed the development in the Crypto space closely.

I appreciate the scientific approach and the quality of the Cardano community, which is why I decided to create a Cardano pool myself. I truly believe in the technology and want Cardano to succeed.

No matter how small the pool, everyone contributes to maintaining decentralization in this network. This is my mission and that of the SDNET Cardano Pool.

Join me on this journey! Support the SDNET Cardano Pool by Staking

LINKS to Check Pool Performance

Pool Surveillance

Feel Free to Contact Me

Email: contact[@]cardano.sd-net.org